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Welcome to the Sheridan Centre of E-gaming Excellence!

Two of PEI’s most successful and prominent intellectuals are about to square off in a 12-round bout putting their e-gaming investigative skills on the line.

IN CORNER #1:  Jane MacAdam, PEI’s Auditor General – aka “The General” – comes to this match with an impressive resume. She has published countless investigative reports over the years without a public challenge. Government implemented all recommendations from her egaming report . Although denied access to records by the PEI Government who asked her to do the investigation –  as well as McInnes Cooper law firm – she nonetheless produced a stellar report.

IN CORNER #2:  No stranger to the ring, Gordon “The Judge” Campbell has punched the face of a prominent public official or two in his day (e.g., Geoff Hussey, CBC Manager) and is obviously not afraid to take on a strong woman yet-to-be defeated in the public domain.

NOTE: All quotations in the Charts are “verbatim” – taken from Judge Campbell’s Ruling and the Auditor General’s Special Assignment on e-gaming.  The entire paragraphs and sections were not provided in all instances in the interest of reducing length.

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe – I know I would – but legendary Boxing Commentator Howard Cosell – God rest his soul – appeared to me while I was writing this, and he offered to do a bit of play-by-play commentary. How d’ya say “no” to Howard Cosell? Have at it Howard!


Round #1 – The Purpose of the Auditor General’s E-gaming Investigation

New Focus

howard cosellWell e-gaming enthusiasts! It looks like we’re in for an evening. The Judge comes out swinging with a few intimidating digs at the General’s investigation, clearly attempting to curtail and minimize her efforts.  Good luck with that Judge. The General poured over 10,000 e-gaming documents for five years and interviewed countless people involved with e-gaming.  She’s not going to be denied tonight: the General delivers a good slap to the side of the Judge’s head the very first round reminding him that her “focus” was also on “arrangements with third parties” and a lot more! It looks like we’ve got a match on our hands folks! And there’s the bell….

2.  Capital Markets Technology (CMT) and E-gaming

New CMT.jpg

Cosell.jpgNever in my career has it been easier to decide a round – con – grat – u – lations General! What was the Judge thinking to even suggest CMT was never involved with e-gaming? The General saw the opening and pounced on the poor Judge like a cat on a mouse; then played with him, slobbered in saliva, for the rest of the round.  Ouch!  The General’s confident explanation of how CMT and Simplex were each involved in both the e-gaming and the financial transaction programs landed like a gut-punch to the Judge, leaving him wobbling like a weeble  only they don’t fall down-  “And He Could… Go… All… The… Way!  but ….he scrambled back to his feet and finished the round. He might be wondering right about now whether he chose the wrong profession people.  The bell.

3.  Was CMT engaged with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy or PEI Government?

Project Manager

howard cosellThere’s no way the Judge is going to make it to the end of this battle! He’s probably wishing he was sitting on his bench right now, rather than a stool with 30 seconds left to go before having to get up and face the General again!  Meanwhile, in the other corner…if I’m seeing this correctly….. the General appears to be using her break to review and sign some documents her assistant (and apparently coach) brought from the office while the Judge spits blood into a bucket. And we’re back!

4.  Removal of Government Records was “Standard Practice” 

New destroyed records.JPG

Cosell.jpgWow!  I did not see that coming! Going for the “knock-out” punch this early in the match when already battered was a gutsy move for the Judge, but risky. The General saw that one coming a mile away.

The General countered nicely with a quick flurry of “you forgot to mention the part about following the law” jabs that left the Judge confused.  And boy oh boy did she take advantage of that. What do you get when you  stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? Well, for you radio listeners I’ll say I’m looking at the ref wiping up a trail of blood back to the Judge’s corner! The Judge better get his act together if he hopes to have any chance of surviving 12 rounds!  Round 5!

5.  Were there “Binding” provisions in the MOU?


howard cosellI have to say….it looks pretty bad for the Judge. It’s hard to imagine him lasting another 7 rounds, but he has surprisingly showed some spunk in that last round so I suppose anything’s possible.

Admitting that there were “legally binding” provisions in the MOU temporarily disarmed the General. But she recovered when the Judge went too far and drew the conclusion there was no breach of either provision.  By the look on the General’s face, I’d say she detected that weakness in the Judge and it’ll likely come back to haunt him in future rounds. 


……..to be continued