No one open to the truth can watch this 23 minute video without concluding that the greatest evil ever to visit humanity, relying entirely on deception, the control of media and political leaders, effecting a prolonged manipulation of information establishing a broad consensus for a global campaign to inject mRNA into as many of the world’s population as possible, as quickly as possible, despite uncontested evidence these injections will lead to the unnecessary death of an estimated 2 billion people.

This is not a pandemic response…this is genocide, and our own PEI government is unfortunately pursuing this evil agenda with an unstoppable and unrelenting commitment, turning a blind eye to the truth that what they are bringing to Islanders will lead to tremendous and unnecessary suffering and death. There has been no openness to dialogue whatsoever with anyone not sharing an enthusiastic endorsement of injections, with any questions or concerns being negatively framed as “hesitancy” that needs to be removed and countered as [regardless of reason] eliminated to achieve the aim of injecting as many Islanders as possible.

Promises that 80% of eligible Islanders being more than sufficient have long-since passed by the wayside as the goal being stated is 100% now, with no medically-sound explanation for the change.

Despite natural immunity being (as Zelenko says in this video, “a billion” times better than narrow antibodies produced as a result of the mRNA synthetic codes instructing our cells to produce the spike protein for the virus), that is nonetheless not being recognized and those individuals will suffer the same exclusionary and segregating effects of the VaxPass policy as others not agreeing to be jabbed. This is such clear evidence of the irrationality of what is being inflicted and imposed on Islanders.

The evidence is overwhelming, but so is the refusal of our leaders to acknowledge that evidence seems absolute, with our Green and Liberal opposition members never raising any issues or questions demanding the government provide a legitimate justification for the draconian and segregating policies dividing Islanders in a bid to compel all Islanders to allow this dangerous and unproven high-tech material into their bodies.

The push to inject children from 5-12 yrs of age is truly the most glaring insight into the sheer evil of this frantic push that has become the priority work and focus of our government, despite no Islander of the alleged 200+ who have been infected even needing to be hospitalized!   The risk to this age group (5-12) is non-existent, yet the push to inject them continues unabated. 

It is my intention to send a letter (with a link to this article and video) to each of our 27 MLAs today, it being the opening day of the Fall sitting of the PEI Legislative Assembly.