It’s always good to know exactly how much you’re being gouged when they come at you with a knife, so you can figure out what size of bandage you’ll need.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about that today, July 1st, the day we used to celebrate as Canada Day, which has seemingly now been remade into an annual Carbon Day celebration by the “build-back better buckos,” a way of noting the yearly progress we’re going to be making toward that glorious day in 2030 when we will own nothing and be happy I suppose!
Today is really a victory celebration for the aristocratic architects of the elaborately-indecipherable meteorological scam which has become the buzzword answer for all problems in today’s world it seems, Climate change.
It’s not really party-time for the masses, although they are trying hard, yet find themselves digging deeper into their pockets to get to a picnic somewhere, some place where they will no doubt open a basket with less goodies in it than last year, and that will be as a result of the extra costs they incurred to get to where they were going!
I deliberately used the word “gouge” above, because it comes from the late Latin word ‘gubia,’ and compares with Old Irish gulba ‘beak’ and Welsh gylf ‘beak: it evokes images of being pecked to death by an evil bird, let’s say an owl, the preferred winged-predator of the occult, their “harbinger of bad news”.
Buckle up folks: C-change has barely begun the process of extracting the life out of us – it would be more aptly dubbed “C-section”!