Fleeing Babylon

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In a recent (August 28, 2018) article published on his Leader’s Blog titled “Carbon Pricing Leadership” – which appeared the same day in the Guardian under the title “A Price [...]
How many times must it be stated that there is no constitutional right to abortion in Canada? This fact is repeatedly and stubbornly ignored by those pushing for abortion access [...]
   Premier MacLauchlan recently announced two major projects: A fibre-optic backbone; and an expansion of home-care health services. I wonder if Islanders realize MacLauchlan – and two other premiers – [...]
A 20-year study of soil health in PEI launched by the provincial Department of Agriculture in 1998 has confirmed what many Islanders have been saying for years: chemically-intensive, highly-mechanized monocultural [...]
[wpvideo uQ2C22mb]   Most of us never heard of Stephen Bronfman until the recent release of the “Paradise Papers.” In light of those revelations, recent history takes on a whole [...]
For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.   [Matthew 25:29] A shorter, more polished version of this article was published in the Eastern Graphic and [...]
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