Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE Seems serious.  “…guilty of contempt or indicted for a crime.” O.K.  Contempt means (usually I think) failure to comply with an Order from a Judge. If that was the [...]
PREAMBLE There’s a key or two buried somewhere in every good detective story. Find them and you unlock the meaning of later events. Miss them, and you’re probably that annoying [...]
PREAMBLE The previous episodes in this series have all focused on CMT’s claim of spoliation. A different PC MLA – all currently Cabinet Ministers in the King Government – has [...]
PREAMBLE If you’ve been following this 25-part series on e-gaming, the CMT Securities Investigation, CMT’s lawsuit, and Judge Campbell’s September 25, 2019 decision to dismiss all claims by CMT against [...]
On June 20, 2018, I filed two sworn “Informations”  in the PEI Provincial Court: the first document alleges that the former Liberal Premier of Prince Edward Island, Robert Ghiz…. Did commit [...]
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