No Justice with Destruction of E-gaming Records

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4 Responses to No Justice with Destruction of E-gaming Records

  1. Barb MacFarlane says:

    The longer report is well worth the read. Very interesting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Once again, Kevin, very well done……

  3. Edith Perry says:

    So why was the NDP PEI and its previous leader Mike Redmond dismissed by the usual pundits and the so-called opinion makers including the PCs and the Greens when this very thing was raised by the NDP several years ago. In fact it was Redmond as leader who made the complaint with the RCMP that led to this investigation. He had been given some insider heads up info and also sought outside PEI legal advice. And it was Redmond and some other NDP who kept the ;pressure on to ensure the RCMP would get on with it. Too bad we couldn’t have had an insider seat to ensure they REALLY did their job. What a farce they are! And what a farce it is now for PCs and whoever else is now, just now, making the accountability issue it always should have been. A paux on all of you!!!

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