Here’s a screen capture of Aquabounty’s (AQU) stock price over the past 52 weeks. It continues it’s steady decline from a high of $30.50 to an all-time low of $3.86 (December 4, 2017). We can expect the company’s stock price to continue its steady dive as North American food retailers have unanimously declared they will not sell GE Salmon.

Under no circumstances should the PEI government or Island Investment Development Inc. loan or grant any money to this failing corporation owned by Randall J. Kirk, an American Billionaire, simply because it is located in PEI. James Aylward​ and Peter Bevan-Baker​ it might be worth asking the government if there are any plans to do so, given that the Liberal government has already provided Aquabounty with a $700,000 loan in 2016 and financial support to undertake it’s environmental assessment; ACOA has given over 3.3 million, and, according to Aquabounty’s application, their Rollo Bay GE Salmon project will cost $13 million which they are apparently seeking to finance with help from ACOA and Finance PEI. [See Guardian Guest Opinion from Dawn and Stephen Carter, May 20, 2017:

FROM THE FOLLOWING LINK:  Major Grocery Retailers Across North America Reject Genetically Engineered Fish

“Sobeys is the latest and last of Canada’s national retailers to inform customers that it will not be selling the genetically engineered Atlantic salmon. Sobeys joins the two other top retailers Loblaw (L.TO) and Metro (MRU.TO); the three together represent over 50 percent of the Canadian food retail market. Overwaitea Food Group, along with regional retailers such as Federated Co-operatives Limited and Longo’s have also said they will not sell genetically engineered salmon…..The Canadian stores join major North American chains Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods as well as nearly 80 other U.S. retailers including Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Aldi in making a commitment to not sell genetically engineered salmon.”

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