Associate Partner, KCM Strategy Group, November, 2011 – September, 2012; Senior Vice-President, Group M5, September, 2012 – September, 2016

I have a dream.

I imagine a day when I’ll be able to open an Access to Information FOIPP response from the PEI government and not discover that yet another former PEI government Deputy Minister and lawyer has mislead the courts.

Unfortunately, today is not that day.

Earlier this morning I received documents in response to another e-gaming Access to Information request that included a copy of a consulting contract between the former Deputy Minister of the Department of Health and Wellness, Tracey Cutcliffe, and the PEI Department of Intergovernmental Affairs.  The Auditor General had raised a concern in her e-gaming report about Cutcliffe receiving three government contracts almost immediately after leaving government.

The Intergovernmental Affairs contract noted that Cutcliffe’s consulting company, KCM, had been “acquired” by another consulting company, M5, and that the M5 contract was the “same contract” as the KCM contract.

But Cutcliffe’s “Statement of Defence” filed in the Capital Markets Technology (CMT) lawsuit last July emphatically declared that KCM and M5 were “in no way connected.”

I’m making a concerted effort to be more succinct with my blog posts, so in the spirit of “a picture is worth a 1000 words,” here’s 2000 words worth of pictures!

Tracey Cutcliff July, 2018 Defence

Paragraph 16 of a July 24, 2018 “Statement of Defence” filed by Tracey Cutcliffe’s lawyer, Gavin Tighe 


Accesss Page #1, Tracey Cutcliffe

                     ————————————————————————————————————–                          Top of Page #1 of  Intergovernmental Affairs Contract with Tracey Cutcliffe. [Received January 11, 2019 as Response Records to a FOIPP Request]


Who do you think is telling the truth – #1 or #2 ?

#1 – The FOIPP document from Intergovernmental Affairs?

#2 – Tracey Cutcliffe’s Bay Street lawyer Gavin Tighe?