During the PC Leadership debate held in Summerside at the Credit Union Centre  during the 2018-19 campaign, the moderator – for all four debates – was McInnes Cooper Lawyer, Michael Drake, who was at the centre of involvement with the PC Executive with the leadership race.

Drake also happens to be one of a select group of people who Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR), is alleging [as a whistle-blower to Paul Maines, who launched a law suit against Dennis King, Allan Campbell, Chris LeClair and JR] attended the infamous “Rustico cottage” evening meeting to discuss the Gamesys online gambling proposal. Others allegedly present were:

  1. Dennis King
  2. Allen Campbell
  3. Chris LeClair
  4. Danny McIsaac
  5. Julius Patkai
  6. Russel Compton
  7. Frank Zhou
  8. Margaret Ann Walsh (MAW), and of course;
  9. Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR).

These nine people – and others, who did not attend that particular meeting, are all somehow involved in the plan to put a PEI gambling platform into existence in other ways, i.e., the more technical “operatives” placed as bureaucrats on the Atlantic Lottery Commission, answering to Hon. Darlene Compton [Russel Compton’s wife], our Minister of Money.

Danny McIsaac, for example,  is the brother of Shawn McIsaac, alleged to be at the Rustico cottage…Shawn wasn’t at the cottage…he was probably at an ALC meeting with his ALC colleagues, Dan Campbell and Gordon MacFarlane. 

Dan Campbell has been at the heart of the egaming document cover-up work happening behind the scenes in secret since 2012, [when he was the Deputy Minister in what’s now Hon. Matthew MacKay’s department, working with Neil Stewart (he is  the person who, with Jonathan Coady and Maria Kemp (Risk Management Office of the PEI government, or someone in her office) covered up Brad Mix’s 2 years of deleted records), and then [as the Deputy Minister of Finance under Compton], was responsible for the cover-up of Departmental egaming records in FOIPP requests from both Paul Maines and me.

As such, it was Dan Campbell who was signing off on my FOIPPs looking for Department of Finance documents on egaming, he was responding to the Commissioner on my FOIPP reviews involving documents from the Department of Finance as well.   It is information about those files and what I discovered about Dan Campbell’s involvement in the cover-up that is of some (apparent) benefit to Maine’s lawsuit, and so “Dan Campbell’s” name appears a lot in my Affidavit.

Maines wanted documents from the Department of Finance, and it was Deputy Minister Dan Campbell who “failed to provide those emails”, but then argued the Commissioner doesn’t need to do anything about it. I suspect Maines’ has a different take on that situation.  Of course, no “names” were mentioned, but the public should know it was one the key egaming cover-up architects – Dan Campbell – behind this story:

As Premier of PEI, Dennis King suddenly found himself on the “in” with the same-ole ‘gang’ that had seemingly come back from the dead, with two key names emerging that were two key names in the Ghiz-Sheridan egaming scandal days, particular between 2010 and 2012:  Chris LeClair and Keith Laslop.  

Chris LeClair was Robert Ghiz’s Chief of Staff during the early days of the egaming project. He left that position in October, 2011 to form PolicyIntel (Consulting Company), which was attached to McInnes Cooper law firm, with LeClair working mainly on the egaming scheme with Sheridan from “off-site” under the watchful eye of McInnes Cooper lawyers on the secret egaming committee, i.e. mainly Gary Scales and Kevin Kiley.

The PEI registration for Policy Intel  lists Gary Scales as the “Attention” address with  McInnes Cooper law firm address as the contact information.

You’ll also notice that despite the fact that the company LeClair set up is a “Sole Proprietorship,” he felt it necessary to set up another numbered-company, which he registered federally, and made that corporate entity the sole owner rather than himself….hmmm, curious. I’ll have more information on that later.

Allan Campbell moved into the role of Ghiz’s Chief of Staff in October, 2011. It’s interesting to see both their names on the (alleged) attendance list at the Rustico Cottage, because apparently, after Chris LeClair left Ghiz’s office, he carried on a casual exchange with Campbell giving his quick and easy access to the Premier.

It’s worth reproducing some of that article to see how Laslop was on the agenda in LeClair and Campbell’s list of things to discuss…for the comments from Myers alone:

He [Alan Campbell] also set up a meeting in August 2012 between Campbell and a business executive named Keith Laslop, whose background included working as a director for a London-based interactive gaming software developer. In all the exchanges, Campbell readily made himself available for the meetings, planning them as part of his government duties. Other emails show the two men setting up telephone conversations. In one email, LeClair asked for an update on a matter, details of which were redacted, and Campbell responded by giving LeClair his Blackberry PIN. The emails were released through a freedom of information request by the Opposition Progressive Conservatives. Opposition MLA Steven Myers says he found one particular exchange especially concerning. The subject line of the Nov. 13, 2012, email from LeClair to Campbell reads: “war stories and other lies.” In it, LeClair offers to get together with Campbell to “trade some war stories.” “The fact is there is no play book for the job of chief of staff,” LeClair writes. “You make it up as you go along and you never really know what is right or wrong. I spent my first year 1 (sic) trying to figure it out.” LeClair goes on to tell Campbell the job is “the most powerful non-elected position in the province,” and the job of chief of staff is “not named in any regulation, piece of legislation, organizational chart, cabinet note or any document.” Myers says he was “flabbergasted” by this characterization of the position. “Are they actually following a plan or a playbook or is it just guesswork? Because there is a lot of people’s lives on the line who are really reliant on government to help them,” he said. “I think Islanders are going to be shocked to read this and to find there is really no playbook.”

Shauna Sullivan-Curley

You know who else was “flabbergasted” with the secrets associated with an illegal scheme? The constitutional lawyer that the Deputy Minister of Justice at the time, Shawna Sullivan-Curley, had provide the PEI government a legal opinion on the scheme in preparation for a big meeting with Ghiz on the 5th floor – Tom Isaac, a lawyer with expertise in aboriginal law [the Ghiz-Sheridan “Plan B” was to route through the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI:

Back to Mr. Michael Drake’s invitation to the PC Candidates to comment on a quality or character-trait they admired in each of the other candidates. Here’s part of what King said about me:

He wasn’t wrong with his read on me as a “dog with a bone.”

He messed up big time with his “..my friend” comment though.  We’re not friends.

In fact, there’s a “high-noon” showdown coming soon between us – me and Dennis King – which pretty much highlights the fact that we are not friends, so you might like to put a pattern in your mind on a go-forward basis: it’s a battle of words and wit using the hilarious Blue Steele “walk-off” mode for settling disputes between parties.   

I’ve been summoned by King to  a “talk-off”  

 “Who’s the truth-teller?”

 “Who’s the fictional story-teller?”  Let the talking begin!!!

C.S. Lewis explains how (outlined more in my section on friendship below) there can be no friendship between people who don’t share the same truth.

Denny and I are on exactly the opposite sides of this “truth” on egaming and most other policy issues. Now, as a result of the lawsuit against King launched by Paul Maines, involving alleged statements and actions by  King involving me, and given that those public statements are the opposite of what I have claimed to be the truth…well, it’s important to unpack all that in terms of what “being a friend” really means when it’s spoken by such politicians in such a public context. 


I’m laying out and connecting a lot of details and facts in this article. It’s necessary to organize the material in this way to put the truth on the public record. Hopefully, it will also put to bed this issue of whether King is lying  – at least in terms of finding out the truth about the King-Kevin meeting that took place in early September, 2019, and what King is now saying about what transpired in that meeting in his filed Statement of Defence which is not true.

My purpose is not to entertain you (although I try to add some of that) but to lay out the information that I believe is necessary to gain a truly accurate understanding of what happened, what was said by whom about what when, etc., and from such an understanding (documented) then be able to properly interpret the facts in the proper context.  A lot of these important facts likely won’t make it into the court record, so it’s important for me to do this long-version.

This is a documented, public statement of fact on matters related to matters currently before the PEI Supreme Court, but are not “contained” by the limitations or parameters that define that particular set of “claims” and issues. Here are the section headings.




Election day, May, 2019, signalled the point at which the “unravelling” of the pretense presented by Dennis King began. That pretense was the positive vision formed during both the PC Leadership race, and the PEI 2019 election campaign. If he had remained true to that, it may have formed the basis of a true friendship between us, but as it happened, things began to come apart.

All the pieces of the big picture that King had put forth in his debates and policy platform statements presented a vision of a just and sustainable future for PEI I could get behind with enthusiasm.  Saying and doing are, of course, two different things, and I was well aware that King was entering into a pretty deep and entrenched pit of secrecy – what I would refer to as a system of generous self-philanthropy –  all with quick and easy access to public funds.

That system, however, is really an insider group of people who see themselves as entitled to political power despite not being elected, because they’ve gained so much economic power over time that when those who are elected come into their chairs, they find briefing notes…and instructions.  There’s not many of them.   I wouldn’t personally think there would be more than 1% of the total population of PEI in the Insider Club.  I wouldn’t be surprised is someone were to dub them the “1%”.

I told the truth. King is now denying that truth.

I was asked by Paul Maines’ legal counsel if I would be willing to swear an Affidavit concerning matters for which I have some first-hand information or evidence, especially concerning my efforts to obtain egaming documents.  I filed an Affidavit on July 27, 2021, and it had just one purpose:

“…in support of the Plaintiffs’ motion to produce and preserve records and for no other or improper purpose.”

There was a lot of information about egaming documents in my Affidavit, but it  was the meeting that I had with Premier King in early September, 2019 that was mentioned not in my Affidavit but in Maines’ Statement of Claim”:

True, the meeting happened in early September, not August; however, the 2-hr meeting was not about the Farmland Bank study, which you’ll see if you can keep reading I can prove that already, so yep…it looks like King intends to go the full 9-yards in denying the truth in the talk-off – bring it on!!

I expect King will also deny that he told me that it was Ghiz who told Neil Stewart to sign-off on that nearly million dollar, illicit egaming loan to McInnes Cooper, and delete Melissa MacEachern’s egaming records. But that is what he told me in the meeting!

You can deny and lie in a Statement of Defence without penalty of any kind. It’s not considered perjury – the same is NOT true for what a person swears to be the truth in an Affidavit, or what a person says as sworn testimony in response to questions in cross-examinations, or under questioning in the witness box in court.

King didn’t address the meeting that he had with me in his sworn Affidavit that he filed the same day  when he was served with a Notice of Action back in July, 2021.

What will he say to back up his claim in his Defence that the meeting was only about me getting more money on a contract?  When push comes to shove, will he hold to that?  Or will he finally confess it’s a lie?…which should happen if he’s cross-examined when he swears to tell the truth, if that happens, or when he does the same in court.

I hadn’t mentioned the meeting with Premier King in my Affidavit; however, I did share some of what happened in that meeting with Paul Maines, shortly after that meeting, and some of the details found their way into the Statement of Claim, which explains the response paragraph I cited above from King.

In particular, the relevant paragraph is the following:

I’m not sure how important it was for Maines’ legal counsel to put that detail in the Statement of Claim, but I stand behind it being true as written, and if need be, I’d swear to that in an Affidavit.

I can map out and prove dozens of bona fide “lies” from King for any Judge, any day, so I think in the end my word will hold more merit before the Judge  than King’s, including what he said about our meeting, and I know he can’t document and prove one lie from me, because that’s not something I do. And I sent a follow up letter (contained below) after our meeting documenting what we REALLY talked about I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading…you’ll notice “Farmland bank” isn’t mentioned in it!



Long before I ever had a one-on-one conversation with Dennis King, early on in the Leadership Campaign, when we’d be mingling in the same crowd at an event, King would consistently introduce me to the people he knew (people I hadn’t met before) as “…my good friend Kevin.”

I should have said something to him at the time, because it did bother me, mostly thanks to the precision in my mind about how special “true” friendship is (which is not to be trivialized or used in a manipulative way, but cherished as something truly special).

Feigning a level of familiarity or intimacy with someone , when a friendship doesn’t exist, is a form of self-promotion and public deceit. It gives people the idea (over time) that no one “doesn’t like” the person who says repeatedly to everyone he introduces to other people that the person is his friend.

A little book that really impacted me many years ago – helping to clarify the dynamics of communication, sharing, “connection,” etc. between people in relationships – was “The Four Loves,” by C.S. Lewis.  I’ve linked it to a PDF you can read, because it’s now past the 50 years where the copyright is in effect and it’s in the public domain. Great book! I used parts of it in a number of the ethics classes I taught at UPEI over the years.

My focus on King with my investigative research has nothing to do with him personally – I honestly don’t know him, never did a single thing together, never went anywhere together, never got an ‘out-of-the-blue’ call for a friendly chat from him, never went to a horse race in the States with him and his other “good friends”…nothing outside those chance encounters and debates during the leadership campaign.

The meetings that I had with King during his election campaign were entirely “work-related”, involving discussions on policy and strategy…mostly policy.  Despite the oft-tossed comment – including from Premier King’s wife, Jana, on social media – saying that what I am doing is just “sour grapes” from losing the PC Leadership race, which raises the interesting question why I told all those who supported me to support King and worked my tail off helping to get him elected?

In fact, as you will see below, my “departure” from solid support of both King and his new PC government came slowly, as I continued to reach out to a number of the PC MLAs to express grave concerns with the direction King was taking the government, in betrayal of a heck of a lot of key commitments and promises, making a mockery of them for effectively “silencing” them about the truth of what they knew (and put on the Hansard record as Opposition members).

Consider what C.S. Lewis says about friendship, one of the four “loves” he deals with as separate chapters in his little book:

“For us of course the shared activity and therefore the companionship on which Friendship supervenes will not often be a bodily one like hunting or fighting. It may be a common religion, common studies, a common profession, even a common recreation. All who share it will be our companions; but one or two or three who share something more will be our Friends. In this kind of love, as Emerson said, Do you love me? means Do you see the same truth?–Or at least, “Do you care about the same truth?” The man who agrees with us that some question, little regarded by others, is of great importance, can be our Friend. He need not agree with us about the answer..,..Hence we picture lovers face to face but Friends side by side; their eyes look ahead.”

That is why those pathetic people who simply “want friends” can never make any. The very condition of having Friends is that we should want something else besides Friends. Where the truthful answer to the question Do you see the same truth? would be “I see nothing and I don’t care about the truth; I only want a Friend”, no Friendship can arise–though Affection of course may. There would be nothing for the Friendship to be about; and Friendship must be about something, even if it were only an enthusiasm for dominoes or white mice. Those who have nothing can share nothing; those who are going nowhere can have no fellow-travellers.”

There was only ever the potential of friendship between me and Denny King. When he became Premier, I watched closely, and I bided my time, waiting to see whether he was the man he said he was, or whether he was really only as good a story-teller as people were telling me he was: to the first, he isn’t; to the second, he is.

So, this all about how we are not friends because we don’t share the same sense of “truth” and can therefore travel together side-by-side with eyes on the same goal, enjoying each other’s company, support, advice, etc….never gonna happen because King has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is not an honest man, nor is his interests the well-being of all Islanders.

He has –  and again, I’m not saying this for any reason that is personal, but stating it only out of concern for the need for accountability within our government – betrayed every single core policy issue promised and, as a result, focused even harder than his predecessors at hiding information and lying through his teeth about virtually everything, which, if you have been reading my articles, I say, again, as a matter of “fact” and not emotion.  Friendship really is about sharing truth. The best of friends share only truth.

Many people thought they had a certain set of “friends” about 2 years ago that the great “sifter” – the WHO’s declaration of a global pandemic and what has followed for the past 2 years, has made us all, I think, appreciate the spiritual value of true “friends” that share the same core truths and can walk forward together trusting the sincerity and quality of that foundational life in which they not only share, but “live”. Jesus provided that connection and communion to His disciples to bring them into the life of God…that’s when they became true friends, what He seemed to want most from them, being human and all:



King should have known better than to carry on with full-blown corruption while relying on insincere political rhetoric and empty promises just to gain the confidence of Islanders. Somehow he seems to have rationalized that kind of insincerity as the “accepted” strategy of a politician, who “everyone knows isn’t honest and can’t be believed.”

Dennis King became Premier and formed the current PC government entirely on the promise of transparency, accountability and a new solid, moral foundation in the all policies and procedures within government to ensure true democracy. 

The promise was to replace the corruption that had so sickened Islanders (especially PNP and egaming)…rotten garbage that should have been put set on the curb right beside a few choice individuals who should have been kicked there THE MINUTE KING WAS ELECTED…people like Neil Stewart and Brad Mix [first order of business]) to finally show a true sincerity to free Islanders from the 12-years of Liberal reign under Ghiz (2 terms beginning in May, 2007) and MacLauchlan (1 term beginning in May, 2015). 

King told me he could easily go to the files and expose the corruption of the Liberals and tell Islanders the truth, but that it wasn’t his style. I suppose that if you, as a new PC Premier, rely on the former two Liberal Premiers – Ghiz and MacLauchlan – to pick your Cabinet [according to what former Attorney General under Premier MacLauchlan apparently told Jeffrey Warren Reynolds in a FB message ] outing their corruption wouldn’t really make much sense now would it?

There’s another reference to Ghiz from JR of interest – a comment on how much time King spends with Ghiz, in paragraph 96 of Maines’ Affidavit:

To be honest, my concern was that King would not stand on the commitments he made to the electorate, and honour the specific promises that he had made to me…, i.e., offer “senior policy guy” .  Why was I concerned?

There is, sadly, a very simple answer to that complicated question: “Those who put King into power control him”.  Even if he had a conversion and wanted to change everything, I personally don’t believe he would have the skills and ability to stand against the powerful Insider Club, even as Premier, and would likely have to simply resign.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the degree to which political affiliation is really not a very important factor when becoming a member of the PEI “Insider’s Club”…I thought, for the most part, the main characters in the Insider Club changed from Tory to Liberal, so there were really “two” Insider Clubs along partisan red-blue lines, with a bit of overlap, mostly with the necessary “operatives” like Neil Stewart (money man) and Brad Mix (company-recruiter man) working together on the big deals that transcend the comings and goings of Liberal and Tory government people.

On the eve of the election in May, 2019, the question on at least a good few Islander’s minds was:

“Would Islanders finally get an honest Premier, as promised, and a moral, truly transparent government if Dennis King was made Premier?”

That much “higher-than-usual” interest [who am I kidding…this election was the FIRST time the word “corruption” was ever used by candidates, let alone made a core platform issue in terms of policies promising to “reduce” it] didn’t escape the notice of those covering the candidates seeking votes in the days leading up to the election:

Check out that tag-line:  “As e-gaming goes to court, PCs vow to restore trust in government.”

I wrote an article weeks before the election titled, “Setting a Date for a PEI Election and the E-gaming Elephant in the Room,” predicting that the election would be held on the same date as the beginning of the egaming court case, despite it being a Tuesday, and despite a clause in the Election Act stating that elections had  to be held on Mondays.

There is, of course, an escape hatch in the PEI Election Act allowing “exceptions to the rule.”   There didn’t seem to be any extraordinary circumstances on the horizon that would set such a precedent for PEI,  something that would warrant such a departure from the historical practice and custom.

Except one.  The 4-days scheduled for the egaming court case starting on election day…one that was never mentioned of course, because not mentioning what you’re doing to cover-up something else up that you don’t want people to know about is part of the deluxe “cover-up” package.

I personally think that the Tuesday election decision was a move to obscure what was happening in the PEI Supreme Court. They didn’t want a bunch of talking about Liberal corruption with egaming, and the “Mondays” prior to the date didn’t work for various reasons.

One would think that was a smart move, but there’s “going down,” and then there’s “going down in flames”. and  let’s just say that when Wade and the big “L” gang hit the ground on election night, as their hopes came plummeting at speeds post-gravity, the biggest concern with the locals wasn’t “where’s all the Liberals?”….but with the surprising number of grass fires spreading out from the crash site.  

That was Wade’s brilliant strategic play that worked not so marvellously for him and his fellow Liberal MLAs, including Jordan Brown, who is still part (or at least trying to be) a part of the Insider’s Club, and features very prominently in JR’s whistle-blower information transferred to Paul Maines, and spurring this legal action against the Premier, et. al.

It was – and remains –  another strong indication of the will of Islanders to see  an ethical set of MLAs govern our tiny province (shouldn’t be that hard  you would think![165, 000 people, “small town” in Ontario]).

Election night was a pivotal point in terms of me being able to see “what’s what?” with Denny: everything following election day in May, 2019 with egaming, the court stuff, as well as the document cover-up and destruction, became the responsibility of Premier King.

With all the criticisms against egaming Liberal corruption from those PC ministers he appointed to his Cabinet, if nothing changed on egaming, immediately, it would be telling….VERY telling. They’d all be hypocrites to the nth degree, that’s  if they remained silent on that dump-truck load of rot the PC Party had uncovered (with my help) and then swallow like it didn’t exist and remain silent.  Nothing changed.

My prediction on the Tuesday election date was bang-on….that was also telling, VERY telling! Someone who was supposed to be my “boss” [as I would feed good policy ideas into his ear] was corrupt…incapable of sharing the same truth with me and thereby actually become my friend.

I  realized that there is no way I would not be working in this government. My sights suddenly shifted, and I set my sights on whether it might still be possible to convince King to get new legal counsel, and to file a new Statement of Defense that was honest and not based completely on lies supporting a denial of the entire truth.

After 4 years of research, I now understand who King really works for, and it is not the people of PEI.  It’s a network of mostly lawyers and accountants, most in Stewart McKelvey Law firm and MRSB, but his network isn’t limited to those two entities.

We’ll get into putting together a visual of that network with names and family connections in a later article, but for the time being, let me just say that with all the work I’ve done documenting and publishing information on various files and issues, over time, we see the same consistent theme of broken promises and betrayal.

Corruption is NOT inevitable.  King, despite the over-the-top assurances and sincere protestations of “…this time you can really trust that…,”  has done much to further destroy faith in government, or even the possibility of having trust in politicians, but believe me, all is not lost.

Unlike the pattern for decades, the truth has come a lot closer to the surface, and in a very short time, will erupt exposing what I like to refer to as a “rat’s nest” [having grown up on a potato farm] which, by George, I think we’ve largely located.

Before cleaning out the nest, it’s important to plug all the holes or else the little buggers  scoot to secluded spots where with secrecy and silence wait for all to be forgotten.  I’m exposing what I can, but obviously the media isn’t going to help “enlighten” Islanders, if share this information so that we might yet find a way to make more Islanders aware, so we might know how to ensure that we (finally) elect a person who is not a master-storyteller and chameleon.

It is unfortunately still all about feeding the Insider Club with King. He is carrying-on the same policies and programs as his predecessors, in support of corporate agriculture, corporate bee-keeping, corporate everything.(i.e., same ole “big loans” at low interest to Kevin Murphy and Tim Banks when many more smaller loans to more Islanders wanting to start businesses was promised, etc., the list goes on…).

Read the titles of my many articles since King became Premier. That will give you an increasingly clearer picture of the state of affairs, and how the “corruption needle” has swung even further into the dangerous “red zone” under King.

Me = Watching betrayal after betrayal from the sidelines;

King = Avoiding me.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Premier King had no intention of changing course from his predecessor on egaming, on the land, on anything.  I imagined the same “status quo” corporate players in the different industries (Irving in potatoes; Wyman’s in blueberries and bees; etc.) were feeling pretty secure for another few years at least with Denny at the helm.

Things were proceeding  with the egaming appeal exactly as set forth by the Liberals, i.e., the Statement of Defence that had been filed under Wade prior to the election was adopted in it’s entirely by King… not a word was changed.

King was seemingly bent on ignoring all the evidence that I had told him about prior to the election during the campaign, and was willing to flip everything his own Cabinet Ministers had said and documented officially in Hansard completely on it’s head – now calling “good” what they had previously identified as unethical and corrupt.

Those FOIPP documents proved to their satisfaction at the time many things (i.e., especially the PEI Government’s breach of the MOU with CMT/FMT), and were many tabled in the Legislative Assembly, back in those days when they were pounding away at MacLauchlan and Minister of Finance Allen Roach, or then Minister responsible for “records,” Doug Currie, day-after-day-after-day in Question Period whenever the House was sitting.

Sure, I’m long-winded in the fingertips…but you have to keep in mind that the Premier of Prince Edward Island is essentially calling me a liar by denying that what I filed in an affidavit in the current law  suit against him et. al., by Maines is false. So, it’s important for me  to prove the truth, not so much to defend myself, but to testify to the truth, which is always important to me, in all situations.

This time it just happens to involve the Premier. Hopefully it will be another contribution to creating a more accurate and provable historical narrative documenting the crimes and deception that have happened which lots of people are currently getting away with, while we pay them a handsome livelihood.. and this has been going on for a very long time, without any consequences.

I’m afraid Islanders need to see just how deep this rabbit….no…correction…. “shit-hole” really goes in this little Island !

Knowing that the Premier had knowledge of my proclivities toward refusing to unleash jowls from bones, I wasn’t surprised he was avoiding me…he had good reason. That started from the get-go.  I texted him a “congratulations” on election night – being his new head policy guy and all – and have yet to receive a response.

Alas!… how fast the “my good friend Kevin,”  morphed into an attitude more likely to produce a comment like: “Security…could you please escort this gentleman from the building!”

I knew it would only be a matter for the time before Premier King and I would be discussing these matters face-to-face.  I think he knew it as well. I was furious at him for the increasing list of betrayals I was witnessing, and knew there would be nothing but more of the same, now seeing clearly the ruse of his words, and his true alliance to the Insider Club membership.   

As much as I hate the corruption that’s happening, the real tragedy with corrupt governments is what they DON[T DO…all the lost potential and opportunity that could benefit ordinary Islanders, bringing so many benefits, accumulating good to Islanders over time.

Such things as a farmland bank to serve as a catalytic means to effect a transition away from topsoil-destroying, nitrogen-depleting, cash-cropping, monocultural practices benefiting just a few large economic operators to the detriment of the environment, while failing to foster more dependence at the local level, and community and rural economic development.

I was keen to finally do something along those lines; something that could build something rather than just expose corruption, and it had literally a life-long dream of mine to see a Farmland Bank in place in PEI, knowing that’s it’s the most logical and pragmatic way for us to take a measured approach forward to  gradually transition our entire agricultural industry away from chemical to non-chemical production methods in a non-disruptive manner, which has always been the part of the “farmland bank” vision that has been difficult to navigate, which I believe my study addressed.

I had been thinking about this so long that I believe I saw a way forward that would do exactly that, and put my heart and soul into putting that down on paper for the government, but really for all Islanders and our dying soil.

All those policy briefing notes that I had prepared for Premier King during the election campaign about the importance of soil health, and the need to address the dire state that we’re in with our soil, thanks to the Liberals, etc., etc., etc., turned into a “paperweight,”  thanks to my ‘good friend Denny’ and his goon Myers.

Why would they put me and my Farmland bank study under Myers and Transportation? Why not  Agriculture and Land ?  Very puzzling.  I bet you that I could get the answer to that question from a Stewart McKelvey lawyer, if I could afford them!).

The members of the Insider’s Club love democracy – but they hate “meritocracy” – so they back, bankroll and then bully buds like King, who can play the part to a tee, without any real competency with the files, no real capacity to evaluate and judge ethically.

These charlatans posing as leaders do what the lawyers and accountants and Deputy Ministers tell them to do without question (that’s if the Deputy Ministers even bother to inform them).  That’s all they have to do to become rich and famous [by PEI standards at least]. The Insiders want and demand nothing but their loyalty, and of course, their silence about the secrecy and corruption they become privy to by necessity.

These back-roomers also know that most of these elected Islanders usually little capacity to  understand the complex workings of government, policy, law, trade, finance, etc. and will leave that to the lawyers and accountants and just dutifully “do their bidding” as repayment for having been chosen and “placed in power”, feeling no need to even understand the issues, but deferring to the bureaucratic, confidently saying his modus operandi of leadership was to blindly “trust his experts”.  

Bloyce Thompson – the keeper of the reigns of justice for all of us in PEI – is a good example: they probably thought, “We milk, he milks….knows less than nothing about the law and the processes therein…PERFECT!….next??”

Listen to what King said speaking at the 2020 PC NS Annual Meeting:

Ask yourself why they laughed. You know why!

We have a saying to describe what you just witnessed in the clip, we’ve all said it: “…it’s funny cause it’s true!”  There is no other possible way to mine any humour out of that part of his speech, not from my analysis. Nope. It’s really true, and to admit it after scoring a major victory makes it “funny cause it’s true”…..cringe!



King and I had discussed the immediate removal of a few key employees of government under MacLauchlan if he became Premier and formed the government. Those conversations took place in one particular meeting when King called me in to meet (in his Kerri-Carpenter-rented building) to offer me the Senior Policy position.

The removal of three people was a condition of mine he didn’t have a problem with at the time at all: Neil Stewart; Paul Ledwell, and Brad Mix.

Those people who were to be “removals” were all still in government, one month, two months, three months….so I knew that too would be an issue I would be confronting him about with that inevitable meeting. Still, I was waiting for the release of the Order from the Information and Privacy Commissioner at the time, Karen Rose, so I held off on setting up a meeting with Premier King.

But I didn’t hold off writing about it! I publicly set my dog-with-a-bone sights on Premier King as where the decisions would need to come from if he was to to finally honour those promises and do something about the ongoing cover-up of information, the egaming scandal, the Brendel Farms land-deal scandal, etc.

The graphic for my July 25, 2020 article suggesting Premier King was himself hiding what he had access to, i.e., THE RECORDS about who destroyed Ghiz’s records wasn’t exactly subtle. But I knew what he knew because I gave him that information, so when he lied publicly in the house about things, it was immediately obvious to me.

I knew it was true at that point, because I had investigated the destruction of Ghiz’s records, and wrote a report containing the findings of my investigation, a report that was convincing enough to the PC Opposition Caucus at the time for them to give the lead set of questions for 2 days to then Justice Critic, Hon. Jamie Fox [who I’m sure, a lot of people are curious to know more about, regarding the “alleged” Bench Warrant that former Liberal Attorney General Jordan Brown allegedly told Jeffrey Warren Reynolds our CURRENT PC Attorney General made go bye-bye [See: “EPISODE 4: WAS A BENCH WARRANT ISSUED AGAINST FOX, THEN BURIED BY BLOYCE?“].



Neil Stewart, in particular, was at the top of my list of people that had to go if King became Premier and wanted me to help him with policy. He was onboard. That was the plan, and the promise he made to me.

I believe the evidence shows that Neil Stewart has been breaking the law in government to benefit insiders for many years. He was a key player in the three biggest scandals in PEI over the past 2 decades: Polar Foods, PNP and Egaming. 

Premier King assured me that Stewart would be gone from government as soon as he was elected Premier, and for a few months after the election, I honestly thought that he had  honoured that promise. 

King knew I’d be waiting and watching, and I was, and what I noticed immediately after the election were three things that added up to “he’s gone”:

(1) Stewart was no longer listed as a government employee in the online employee database (he was listed before the election, so someone deliberately removed his name, position, etc.);

(2) when Premier King made the announcements of senior bureaucrats came Neil Stewart was not on the list, and the position he had before the election was filled by someone else.

But in the end, all of that was a carefully-crafted ruse.  It was just the conclusion anyone would  draw, which I’m surmising was the point of this manoeuvring  by King.

I published an Op Ed piece in the Guardian on September 16, 2017, a time when the Conservative and Green Party Opposition members were calling for Neil Stewart’s removal from government for illegally signing-off on an egaming loan for just shy of $1 million [See: “Premier exercises poor judgment”].

Island taxpayers have no clue – to this day – who received that money, or what it was spent on and what taxpayers “got”  for the deal: it was deposited in it’s entirely in a McInnes Cooper’s bank account.

 I can tell Islanders what they got finally after all this time: BAMBOOZLED!

When the Auditor General requested egaming project documentation on the government-funded project that was set up to run out of McInnes Cooper rather than government, in a secret manner, and was essentially told to go to hell. She backed down (despite having the power to seize those documents).

King almost succeeded in disguising Neil Stewart’s continued presence in government by keeping him on at a Deputy Minister’s salary, but not including him in the list of Deputy Ministers he picked as the new Premier.…Stewart was tucked in the back rooms of the Department of Health and Wellness under Aylward, but was doing big-deal economic work like always with the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC). 

That certainly puzzled Trish Althouse when she, as health critic for the Greens at the time, was pouring over the line-by-line approval of the Health Department’s budget…well, that little secret got exposed by Trish Althouse when the budget lines with the Department of Health were being reviewed – they wanted to know what     .  You can read all about this in an article I published at the time: Episode #5 in my ALL THE KING’S HORSES SERIES titled: MacKay on “FIRING” [THEN] and “HIRING” [NOW] Neil Stewart.

Ms. Altass: Thank you, Chair. Just kind of wrapping my head around this, so who is the senior advisor responsible for Charlottetown?
Mr. Aylward: His name is Neil Stewart. [Hansard, July 19, 2019, p. 941]

As it turned out, Stewart wasn’t advising Aylward on health issues at all, but was doing work on economic development issues related to the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC). That information was actually shared by Aylward in response to further questioning by Altass on July 11, 2019:

Mr. Aylward: So to clarify what I said, this person brings a lot of corporate knowledge from past files that he’s been involved with the previous administration for a number of years. Two of those projects that are potentially being looked at, potentially, again – being open and transparent as I can be here and giving you all the facts – is that we’ve had a lot of requests from both Charlottetown and Summerside to go back and look at CADC and SRDC so this person [aka…”Neil Stewart”] could potentially be involved with looking at the SRDC file as well. [Hansard, July 11, 2019, p. 942].

Stop and ponder for just one minute what’s going on here, and note that I have this in my head a short time later at that meeting when King is trying to convince me that he is still going to honour his commitment to me, but take advantage of those “6 months” of work before he is legally able to “let Neil go”.

Stewart’s still in the same position with CADC, still drawing a deputy-minister salary.  Once the Health Department ruse was exposed publicly, he was shamefully shuffled off to find protection closer to the hub of the money under the minister who once called for him to be kicked out of government for his corruption along with the rest of the PC Opposition Caucus, Hon. Matthew MacKay’s department, where the position should have been located in the first place. Amazing eh!

Ministers (Aylward and MacKay) who were earlier screaming for a criminal investigation into the illegal activity of Neil Stewart, are all of a sudden fine with him, and Hon. Aylward when questioned spoke highly of him, “selling” his attributes to the Legislative Assembly in a hypocritical flip-flop that would walk-away with the trophy in any hypocritical flip-flop-off competition…..GUARANTEED!

Aylward confessed that he [Neil Stewart] wasn’t doing anything the PC Government initiated – but was carrying on with the Liberal files –  bringing his “…corporate knowledge from past files that he’s been involved with the previous administration for a number of years.”  The corrupt player under the Liberals who needed to be turfed immediately – completely rehabilitated. A tremendous “asset” to the new PC government!

I bring this up here because when I discovered that Dennis had hid Stewart, but kept him “whole”, and that it appeared he had no intention of removing him after all…well, that really did not sit well with me, and I put it to mind that Neil Stewart would be another main topic on my list of items to discuss with the Premier…another betrayal, another issue…and that the meeting would need to happen soon.

Minister Jamie Fox and Neil Stewart

It wasn’t just that Neil Stewart had broken (albeit, “repeatedly”) provincial laws, ignored accountability measures, circumvented Treasury Board Directives, etc., I had alleged that he was also a criminal in “causing mischief to data” a criminal offence. I believe – to this day – that the evidence I submitted to Judge Nancy Orr in a Pre-Enquette filing of a criminal charge against Robert Ghiz had merit enough to advance the case to trial, but I suppose that was never going to happen – Premier MacLauchlan was the person who appointed Orr a Judge.

Neil Stewart committed – I allege – the same crime, and the PC Caucus were impressed enough with the evidence in my report to TABLE it in the Legislative Assembly, with the Justice critic at the time supporting and arguing my case that Stewart had committed a crime in the House during two consecutive days of Question Period.


Denny was placed in power by a political machine that worked [from what I heard from people who’ve been in the political game forever, and would know] like never before, to ensure that King had the votes well ahead of the runner up. And he did. By a long-shot. With an enormous influx of new members.

Kerri Carpenter, a lawyer, is CEO of KC Immigration Services, one of the 12 “Intermediaries” with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

As time goes on, you’ll see that the same people who put Mr. King in his chair are embroiled in the scandals and cover-ups that are surfacing, so, in a sense, part of the reason for the quasi-autobiographical, chronological ramble, that is this article, is to establish the proper “full factual matrix” or framework within which to understand what is coming later….think of it as character and plot development, but in the “documentary,” historical and factual mode, not the “fictional,” imaginary and fake genre.

The conflict of interest  between  Stewart McKelvey law firm is not only obvious with Denny, it’s potent!  Two of the key people on the Executive of the PC Party – both lawyers, one with Stewart McKelvey (Margaret Ann Walsh – MAW) and an independent lawyer (Keri Carpenter) both threw their full support behind King.

MAW stepped down from the Executive (just after serving on the committee to ‘vet’ me and the other potential candidates) to become King’s Campaign Manager.

Keri Carpenter (who was sitting on the ‘complaints’ committee as a member of the PC Party Executive) rented her building to King for his headquarters.  He had that same building in place as his election headquarters during the election.

Now MAW is alleged to have be involved in the Gamesys proposal scandal, with the documents filed in court claiming she was at both the meeting at Simms, and at the same-day evening meeting at the cottage in Rustico.

There are others in the club as well, [i.e., Geoff Connelly (Stewart McKelvey lawyer); Pam Williams (Premier King’s Chief of Staff);  Adam Ross (Principal Secretary to Premier King); ….etc…but we’ll leave all that to future episodes.

What a mess!


Before a meeting was set up for me with the Premier in early September, 2019, by Hon. Matthew MacKay, I first had a number of telephone conversations with him about what was going on in his department.

I doubted that he even knew that his Deputy Minister, Erin McGrath-Gaudet (who was handling my, and Paul Maines’,  Brad Mix review underway with Karen Rose, the Information and Privacy Commissioner at the OIPC at the time) had lied to both Maines and I about the deleted Brad Mix records.

I provided information and evidence to him that McGrath-Gaudet had lied to me in her correspondence, in my opinion, to further keep the secret alive and information about the deleted Brad Mix records covered up – pretty serious stuff!

I had put in additional FOIPP requests for Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) documents which revealed that what Mix was saying about the missing records being from a phone upgrade was refuted by ITSS experts, and that the records had indeed been intentionally deleted.

Hon. MacKay was Brad Mix’s boss, so I wanted to give him a head’s up about what was really going on, and what I was about to publish, and what was then likely to be made public with the release of Karen Rose’s Order against the government.

I knew that Order would be a scathing critique of the scandalous way David Keedwell (under MacLauchlan), and his own Deputy Erin McGrath-Gaudet (under KING!) had both lied to me and Paul Maines to cover-up a scandal and protect the government in the legal action happening in the PEI Supreme Court.

That meant that  he – Matthew, but really the Premier and  KING GOVERNMENT – was continuing covering up liberal scandal and mess that had been exposed by me, Paul Maines, and was in the process of being “codified” in an Order by the Information Commissioner, to then be made public by the Information Commissioner. My estimation of the significance of that matter was not exaggerated when I reached out to Matthew with that “head’s up” and a chance to get on the correct side of the track – it spawned it’s own Legislative Committee that met 14 times over the summer!

A quick side note from a few days ago relating to Keedwell who has retired from Government. Premier King – loyal to the Insiders like always – “thanked” David Keedwell for his SERVICE!!

    David Keedwell

It would take me about 30 pages to explain to you all the damage that David Keedwell’s initial lie to me about Brad Mix’s records caused.  A lie that carried on right to the point where it was exposed by our Information Commissioner.

If Keedwell had told the truth, as Commissioner  Rose said he should have, in that he should have disclosed to me that there were no records from the very outset, and admit that there were no records within the time scope I had requested to search, things most certainly would have went differently.

By pretending that there were records to search, he covered-up the truth about the destruction of the records [now we know, but this has been covered-up again….i.e., that BRAD MIX is responsible for their intentional destruction, which is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada].

This is not leadership. This is being a corrupt politician and playing the part for the Insider Group, keeping it covered-up, and when it’s exposed, deny it. When you can’t deny it, distract people from it; when you can’t do that, just bide your time until they forget about it, or give up caring, believing that “nothing changes in PEI politics”  because “…they’re all corrupt”…and you know, it’s pretty much true.

It does need to be pointed out that most MLAs are happy with the perks of their position and aren’t “corrupt” in an overt way, just a wimpy, cowardly way – they’re just happy to be on easy street and famous (by PEI standards) and aren’t actively evil, just silently supportive and complicit with those who are.

It was that information, i.e., that King’s own staff were now lying about my FOIPP documents, specifically, that 2-years of Brad Mix’s records during the critically-important period when the secret egaming project was active under Ghiz and Sheridan had been deleted, then covered up and keep secret.   Keedwell had been doing it from October, 2018, but now his government was also lying to me and Maines under a new Minister [King shuffled Keedwell to Social Services and Housing, replacing him with Erin McGrath-Gaudet].

I wanted to wait for the Commissioner’s Order confirming that fact, as well as some other documents that I had been waiting for in another FOIPP request concerning Brad Mix, documents from Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS), but when I discovered that King had kept Neil Stewart onboard, that bumped up my sense of urgency to meet with the Premier.  

I didn’t meet with Premier King to “get more money for my project,” as he claims in his Statement of Defence.  I met with Premier King because I wanted to help him and his government by giving him a head’s up on stuff he should know, and to point out how some decisions he had made (keeping Neil Stewart onboard) would not serve him and his government well in the long-term, and that decision, and a few others, should, in my opinion, be reversed.  That’s why we met.

I wanted him to know what his own staff were doing if he didn’t (i.e., lying to me about documents to prevent giving me access), and the jeopardy that he was putting himself and his government in with a series of ill-informed decisions that made him look more Liberal than PC – BY A LONG SHOT!

I told him it needed to get fixed, otherwise, I was going to stop supporting him and start “calling him and him government”  more earnestly, which I really didn’t want to have to be forced to do (I do have other interests in life besides working around the clock trying to end corruption believe it or not,…I just can’t die before seeing some consequences for those engaged in the cover-up and lying….dog with a bone thing).

I doubted that Dennis had any clue at all about what was really going on over in Matt MacKay’s department…Matt didn’t! 

I had been speaking a lot with Minister MacKay about this before going to speak with Premier King. MacKay admitted that he was pretty much completely in the dark about the entire matter, which was evident from a number of lengthy conversations I had with him in the days and weeks prior to my September, 2019 Meeting with Premier King…in fact, it was Matthew who set up the meeting with the Premier, and was his idea to bump what I was telling him about the implications of what was going on in his department up to the next level – i.e. 5th floor.  

MacKay told me straight-up that what I was informing him of, about a number of FOIPP files in his own department, was news to him and that what I was describing as at least a partial explanation for why it was happening (connection to egaming law suit; Jonathan Coady at Stewart McKelvey, etc.) was “above his pay-grade” and that he [his exact words] “…honestly didn’t know who he could trust in his department.” 

That’s when he told me that he was going to contact Premier King to give him the same information I had just given him, and ask him to get in contact with me to set up a meeting. That’s kind of what happened. But not exactly.

What happened, is that I got a call from King’s Principal Secretary, Adam Ross, to set up a meeting, which lasted 2 hrs when it happened. Premier King says in his Defense that I begged him for more money for 2 hrs on the Farmland Bank contract, nothing else. Not a favourable presentation of a friend to the public…cowering at the feet of power for 2 hrs for a few thousand more on a contract. Does his claim in his defence sound reasonable to you?

The very first thing I learned from Dennis is that he had heard nothing from Matthew, so it appears that Matthew spoke only to Adam Ross, and then Adam took it upon himself to set up the meeting, but from the Premier’s initial reaction to my first question, never bothered to brief the Premier on Matthew’s call to inform King why the meeting was happening, that is, if Premier King can be believed…which he can’t…so let’s just move on.

Matthew MacKay was to ensure he – the Premier – understood why there was an urgent need for the meeting, and even more urgent need for action.

I spent the next hour and 50 minutes or so talking with Premier King about the government’s handling of egaming, the Brad Mix mess and the developments I already mentioned above that I had shared with Matthew; also, and this was a big one, I wanted to hear why he betrayed his promise to me to get rid of a few key people, especially Neil Stewart. We talked about the Brendel Farms Scandal and the delay in Hon. Bloyce Thompson’s releasing information, with recommendations on what I believed he should do on those issues.

During the last 10 minutes of the meeting, I gave the Premier an update on the progress of my Farmland Bank work, and mentioned the decision that MYERS AND I HAD ALREADY MADE to expand the project that I wanted him to be aware of and, also supportive of, which he was. I wasn’t “asking” the Premier for more money (it wasn’t his decision), but as you will see below, he lied in his Statement of Defence when he said the entire meeting was me asking for more money.

[7] My Letter to Premier King

following our early September, 2019 Mtg.

It occurred to me that I should document for the Premier’s benefit the key issues and concerns discussed with him during that important meeting, so I did.

(2019-09-06) Court Filed Brad Mix Incident Report Re Missing Em (1)

A few days following our meeting, it occurred to me to provide King with a more concise summary of the key concerns which we had discussed during the 2 hour meeting.

September 7, 2019

Hi Denny,

After our meeting the other day, I realized that you may not be fully aware of the
hornet’s nest you have inherited with e-gaming. I sincerely don’t want to see you
blind-sided, or the PC government hurt from this, so I’m sending this information: I
wouldn’t have a clear conscience if I didn’t make you aware of a few things at least, to give you a chance to take action now to get ahead of what’s coming.

I suspect that those advising you on the e-gaming file are not making you fully aware
of all the key facts. For example, are you aware that Canada’s most popular fraud
podcast did a full show this past winter on this file with guest host Robyn Doolittle of
the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s top award winning investigative journalists?

Many of your current Ministers challenged Wade et al on the inaccuracies in the
Government Defence in the e-gaming lawsuit when they were Opposition members . I have attached just a few media links below reporting some of the valid concerns and criticisms concerning legal counsel on the e-gaming CMT lawsuit which they
repeatedly raised in the House, yet you have kept the same legal counsel advancing the very same defence; and now that defence has been proven to be based on cover-
up, non-disclosure, and misrepresentation to the PEI Supreme Court.

The attached file is the actual Brad Mix ITSS Incident Report and related emails concerning his missing emails first mentioned in the July 10 letter from Erin Gaudet-
McGrath which I gave you at our meeting. I am bringing this to your attention as this is likely to become a wild fire before you know it: you can safely assume that if I have
a copy of these documents…the Globe and Mail has a copy, and it won’t be long before the Greens become aware of it as well: it is now a public document. I received
a copy which was just filed in the PEI Supreme Court on e-gaming yesterday

This Incident Report and related emails were never disclosed by the Liberal
Government or lawyers at Stewart McKelvey. These new documents prove that for the entire time Brad Mix worked on the e-gaming project (2010 – 2012)…there are NO emails.

This information concerning missing emails has not only never been disclosed, as is
required by Law, as I mentioned in our meeting, but the existence of those emails was
denied in court by Stewart McKelvey (Jonathan Coady). I know because I was in the
court during the Motion Hearing in April, 2019 when Coady denied that Brad Mix had
many more relevant records that were never disclosed.

In fact, I was in court, sitting nearby during a break when all of the lawyers were
talking in a huddle and to my surprise said, “It may be true, but they can never prove
it.” They stopped talking when they noticed I was still in the seats. The fact is, it is true and this document proves it. Worse, it proves Government and its lawyers have known since 2015. This is documented proof that will also be part of the Privacy Commissioner’s upcoming Orders on Brad Mix deleted emails, and now it is also part of the court record.

It’s really quite simple: acts and laws were broken, and a cover-up of the real facts
has been in play since the law suit was filed.

It doesn’t matter to me at all if you continue to fight the lawsuit, I’m personally just interested in seeing the full story and the truth finally come out like all Islanders, but if you keep the same law firm which has broken rules of court and engaged in cover-up to the court, then the PC government will be judged to be just as bad – or likely worse – than the Liberals who created this mess.

It’s important to realize – as many of your Ministers did for years as Opposition
MLAs – that Stewart McKelvey and the Liberal Government are now caught lying. If
you don’t take ownership of this situation and change legal representation on the
case, then I believe you will be front and centre with upcoming national media stories
presented as a continued King government cover-up of a Liberal Scandal: and you’ll
have to explain why you still have the same law firm representing you as the Liberals,
which won’t be an easy job.

PS: Paul Maines filed his 4th review against government for that unprecedented S. 9(2) which amounts to unjustified and unexplained refusal to comply with the release time prescribed in the law. I gave Matthew a head’s up that his DM will be getting a letter from the Commissioner the first of the week requesting all the files on that case. I don’t expect she’s too happy getting more work, especially when there’s not even an explanation from government why the records aren’t being released.











I don’t receive any pay for the work I’ve done on various investigations over the past few years. All I have to protect is my credibility as an honest researcher. I tell the truth…and everything in this post is the TRUTH!

King called me his “friend” – but we not only don’t share the same “truth”, as C.S. explains the concept of friend requires for proper use, his “truth” is only feigning truth, and is actually cleverly designed, empty words and catchy slogans, promises and smiles that disguise the lies as truth…big difference!

I’ve learned just about everybody in King’s circle is a friend, usually a “good friend,” as he notes when introducing them to someone else that happens along.

I suspect his habitual use of “friend” might remain through force of habit, despite feeling somewhat distressed with me over the facts that I am compelled to make public to expose the corruption and injustice within government, of which Premier King just happens to be sadly embroiled.   The next – if it slips out from force of habit – he calls me friend, I’m sure the tone is likely to more in line with the poor chap put on an ice flow in this clip. My response will be the response of the person who put him there:

When King told me that it was Ghiz who ordered Neil Stewart to destroy records and sign the $950,000 egaming loan…why did he… or why WOULD HE trust me with that information? He didn’t, I don’t believe, but wanted to protect his decision to keep Neil on, for what he was suggesting was only going to be 6 months.

I was putting a LOT of pressure on King for keeping Neil onboard, and telling him that if Neil stayed, well, that was a “deal breaker” for me, and that I would start writing to expose how he was betraying the public’s trust.

I remember one exchange about it (there were a few in the two-hour mtg.) in which he said that when he came in to the Premier’s office for the first time, and was going to let Neil go, he then discovered that they had papered up a “special” deal that he had found out, some iron-clad legal agreement that gave him at least 6 months of full salary no matter what. King said jokingly, with a bit a laugh: “If we have to pay him, we might as well put him to work!”

I told Premier King that he’d get a lot more value out of paying Stewart to lay on a beach for 6 months somewhere far away than have him any where’s close to a big pile of money –  yet, that’s exactly where he put him! Another betrayal.

Once wanting him punished with consequences for his crimes, Hon. James Aylward spoke about what an asset he was because he was the ticket to carry forward all Wade’s files.

I also asked Premier King why he hadn’t followed through and replaced Paul Ledwell, who was the architect with MacLauchlan behind the fraudulent egaming cover-up, including violating the FOIPP Act.  He said that Wade was a “micro-manager,” and after talking with Ledwell he decided to give him a chance to see how he worked without that micro-managing.  He said his style was, after all, “collaborative”.

Now he’s willing to throw [in his mind] a ‘friend’ (me) under the bus, by effectively calling me an untruth-teller…claiming that I’m not telling the truth about what he said to me in that meeting?  That’s not very friendly at all!

I was there. I was trying to HELP King and the PC’s salvage their victory before they went any further down “corruption corridor” with the singing sirens of self-serving sycophants summoning them to go even further with no possibility of return.

I promised King [in that early September, 2019 meeting] that if he didn’t turn the rig around, then I’d have one and only one frame for his “Best Buds for a little while” wallet-sized photo until the secrecy, cover-ups, lying, and all the selfish politicking, nepotism, big loans to big wigs, and especially, the sad failure to act on positive, proactive initiatives desperately needed to save our soil and stimulate a renaissance in rural communities, initiatives that were promised and Islanders believed were made in sincerity when they voted.

Despite King’s incredibly disappointing and very morally-dubious start to governance, I really wasn’t sure how much was the momentum coming directly from the Insiders from the previous Liberal government, i.e., Stewart McKelvey law firm, I truly thought that my disclosing the inside scoop on the Brad Mix affair to give the Premier a chance to get in front of the situation, get involved, fix it, and come out looking “good,” and on the way to turning the titanic away from you know what.

And the strong ruling from Karen Rose, including the proven cover-up by his government, with the corruption still percolating in Hon. Matthew MacKay’s Department, with the actions of Deputy Minister, Erin McGrath-Gaudet.

I was in the Premier’s office to give him a head’s up, but also to warn him. I also wanted to see what he knew was going on with egaming document requests in Hon. MacKay’s department, and to give him the facts (and documents proving those facts) so he could prove himself honourable…to me, and to Islanders.

Guess who failed the test?

My time waiting for him to separate himself and his government from the legacy, from the corruption and files of the Liberals, was running out fast. I knew it would take some hard decisions by him soon to set things aright before it would be too late to take a stand against close friends he really IS FRIENDS WITH, i.e. the guys he travels to the states every year to watch horses with), and the three biggest on my mind and in our discussion being. Those first key decisions would need to include:

  1.  Firing Neil Stewart and Paul Ledwell;
  2. Releasing the Brendel Farms report from IRAC;
  3. Dealing with the Brad Mix file (i.e., Keedwell and McGrath-Gaudet’s lying and cover-up of the destruction of 2 years of Brad Mix records; and,
  4. Changing course on the egaming lawsuit by getting new counsel and filing a new (and honest) Statement of Defence in the Appeal Court.

Throughout that meeting, I was telling King about the damage his refusal to “out the corruption of the Liberals” would cause…what it would cost him, and I promised I’d do my best to make that happen if he didn’t honour his promises to me…HE KNOWS how much I did to help him get the government!

He told me he had a less confrontational style than me, and wanted to “give people second chances,”  blurting out at one point that if he wanted to he could do great harm to Liberals by simply going to the files and making information public, but added that it “wasn’t his style”.

I didn’t go to that meeting to “ask for more money,” or even negotiate or discuss anything pertaining to decision-making on the Farmland Bank contract that I was working on at the time – THAT’S a BOLD-FACED LIE FROM OUR PREMIER!

I gave him an update on the decision that Hon. Minister Myers, then Minister of Transportation overseeing my Farmland Bank contract – the terms and conditions of which I WROTE because he said he didn’t know what the ‘next steps were’ to get the project going, and I said I was anxious to get the contract signed and the work started. NOT A WORD OF THE CONTRACT I WROTE WAS AMENDED.

I was asked to explain the “upped” value of the contract – based on the need to do a lot more work because of INCLUDING SOIL HEALTH AND THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THAT AND THE FARMLAND BANK!!

Myers told the Guardian some months later, that his government was essentially not going to even release the report (when, I suspect, he was “set straight” about how no Farmland Bank from Kevin Arsenault that would initiate a “controlled transition” to smaller-scale, locally-owned farms was ever going to happen under Premier King’s watch!

Not likely.

Not when both the PEI Government lawyer, and Robert Irving’s legal counsel, are the same law firm – Stewart McKelvey – and it’s a former Partner at Stewart McKelvey [Scott MacKenzie] who boldly tells our elected MLAs that he won’t answer questions Ministers ask about land deals at the Standing Committee, the head of IRAC: [See: “Scott MacKenzie: WHAT WE DO WITH LAND AT IRAC IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!,” February 19, 2021].

I am so disgusted with having to respond to lie, after lie, after lie from our Premier. If Islanders only knew the full truth (I can’t type fast enough to tell it all) NOT ONE Islander would ever vote for him ever again….he’s went into power totally under false pretenses saying he was “for people” – every decision of substance has been made as a puppet for an insider group or the corporate status-quo; only, now, with this “shift in power”…that dog with a bone guy has all the names, and most of the details on a lot of sleazy deals – figured out, and those are now being documented and made public.

As each piece is revealed….we get more lies!  Premier King better stop lying about me and what I say publicly…my integrity and credibility is all I have to my credit for the work I do, and the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing work that’s important and may possibly improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of my fellow Islanders.


Premier King told Islanders before he was elected that he wanted to be a Premier that would truly do things differently…he would make sure that government was “all about people”.


A great slogan.  The part I agree with is the bit at the very end, “…it’s about time!!” and with the same exasperated sigh and emphasis!

It’s truly unfortunate that King didn’t clarify that he had particular people in mind, i.e., a tight-knit group of his friends and other business allies, accountants, and [we can’t forget] LAWYERS who were all keen as get out to get scoring deals made possible by King about to grant them open access to the levers of government.

The sad truth is (which should be obvious to anyone reading the hundreds of posts and articles I’ve written disclosing different instances of betrayal, cover-up, evidence of selfish and nepotistic deals and actions, secrecy, etc.), that our government is corrupt to the core – the system is not serving Islanders.   

Despite the very high bar that King set for himself and his government, creating an equally high degree of expectation among Islanders for an ethical and honest government, there has actually been quite a severe intensification of cover-up and corruption within the King government, especially with respect to denying access to information, thereby systematically blocking truth about what’s going on within government from reaching Islanders.

The “new style” of collaboration within our PEI provincial government morphed into a kind of collusion that has effectively “killed” parliamentary democracy in PEI with King.

The Liberals can be aptly compared analogously to a whipped puppy that was put outside for pissing all over the carpet, and now cowers in the cold, whimpering, wondering when the master [i.e., the electorate “Islanders”] will have forgotten enough about all the illicit and scandalous Insider-club-serving goings on under the Liberals as government for three consecutive terms, to POSSIBLY consider picking up the sad-looking, shivering wet puppy on the porch and take it back inside.

The Greens get everything they want (they’ve been more the government than the PCs) and they leave the PCs alone. Deal?  Deal!!

Yes…“we should have coffee….”, and the rest is corrupt history in the making!

It’s been “mum’s the word” on all the PC corruption with both the Greens and Liberals.  With the Liberals, it isn’t to get any power, as it is with the Greens; it’s more a case of, well…kettle calling the pot corrupt kind of thing (i.e., a latent sense of guilt and shame resulting in a reflex instinct to NOT be critical of corruption for fear of drawing attention to the sins of Liberal past. In so doing, there is complete support by the Greens for the government, the Greens dutifully do their part in the deal by keeping the public eye far from any of the “corrupt” things happening within our government.  

You’ll notice that whenever some issue looking like corruption is brought up in the Legislative Assembly, especially with respect to “egaming,”  the Premier has no choice but to contrast what he claims he is doing with gaming with what everyone now knows was dirty as sin with Ghiz and Sheridan:


“Frankly, are the Tories going to become the biggest political hypocrites in recent Island history by completely flipping on gambling?  I’m told Tory lawyers are working overtime to set this structure up.”

  – Paul MacNeil


Unfortunately, MacNeil has gone stealth on egaming since that morning on CBC’s political panel like the Guardian and CBC.  To my knowledge, no media has even mentioned the amazing 1000+ page Motion filed on January 31st, 2022…THAT’S OVER 3 WEEKS!